Process Improvement for SMEs

Expert IT consultancy for small to medium-sized enterprises who want to standardise or automate internal & customer-facing processes for consistent outcomes.

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We’re experts in all aspects of process improvement and love supporting small businesses, check out the business areas we specialise in below.

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You’re too busy running a business to take time out to do this work.  Organising this work with your current teams who have other priorities and don’t have the experience means that keeping it in-house will cost you in terms of waiting to see any results.

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We have experience in implementing systems or changes to working practices in many different fields and of many different sizes.  We’ve been through the journey before and we can support you every step of the way.


We work for you, we have no affiliations with any vendor.  Supporting you means that you have an extra pair of hands to represent your voice to your staff or vendors.



There’s no need to take someone on for a small piece of work or go to the contract market for a resource for 6 months.  Talk to us and we can give a good estimate on how much time would be required before starting any work.

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If you are the owner or manager in a small or medium-sized enterprise and want help implementing any aspect of business/process change, get in contact with the appointment button above.

What is Process Improvement and how can it help you

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