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Don't let your business become inflexible to change. J & J Enterprise Consulting is a specialist consultancy for implementing any aspect of Business Process Change. Take advantage of the subscription model that enables you to have specialist advice on-tap for a fraction of the price of traditional consultancies.

You're not who you think you are

Like it or not, you’re not what you think you are.  You don’t make or sell ‘X’ whatever ‘X’ might be.  You’re an IT company that supplies ‘X’ services, because ultimately it is the combination of people and technology that determine how well your company realises its goals.  
If these aren’t aligned then the cost to service each customer is higher and more variable.  The reporting data you have will be more inconsistent because of this, so your choices on how to act are limited.  Furthermore IT processes which are less agile mean that you can’t give your customer the journey you want or react to changes in the marketplace the way competitors might such as for example to regulatory change.
At some point the quality of your end product will not mask these failings to your customer.
Imagine that you could get in some expertise that could analyse your goals, your policies, processes and IT architecture and implement the steps required to move towards the company vision?  As an experienced IT consultant I can help you move towards a process-based organisation, whether through supporting you by single days of work or through the more economical subscription model.

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