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The goal of any engagement is to make the client business more process-oriented.  This means that the client can deliver more consistent customer journeys, at a lower cost as well as ensure that those journeys are more agile to change and move the organisation towards realising the company vision.  

J&J Enterprise Consulting can help achieve these goals using a client-friendly subscription model with a solve a wide variety of problems, such as

Data Security

GDPR & Data security is the new reality, support offered across the 12 steps on the road to compliance.

Automated Workflows

Find out how BPM can bring true agility to your organisation. Align your business processes to your company's vision.


On-site Training

On-site training for modelling Business Processes in the universally recognised standard BPMN 2.0.

Business Architecture

Baseline your architecture, understand how your IT architecture currently supports your business objectives. See how the impact of IT change can affect your capability today.

Motivation Modelling

Motivation modelling is a workshop-based process which separates the means (the stuff you do) from the ends (where you want to get to). You might be surprised by the reasoning behind some of your business decisions.

Policy Development

Build a framework of IT controls, policies, standards and procedures to ensure that the vision is understood by all employees.

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