Consultancy-as-a-Service (CaaS) Subscription Plan

The 12 month subscription plan allows businesses to implement changes that align their business processes with the company vision at the fraction of the cost of a specialist consultancy or software house. The subscription model differs from a time and materials approach in that for the price of a consultant’s daily rate you have access to my specialist knowledge in this area all month. At a stroke, money is taken away from the equation and the focus is then on value that can be delivered from the relationship.

It works because although work can be identified and delivered at a time convenient with your team, you’re not paying a daily rate for the length of the engagement, nor finding an office place for me. You do have access to me for a call or meeting for any questions that you might have (there are no office hours).

It works because each solution is tailored to each customer, there is no 11-step program being sold with tools and techniques that aren’t relevant to your field producing documentation you have no need of. There are a wide range of initiatives that can be undertaken in a year from framing the vision and how to get there to implementing complex end-to-end automated processes and managing the change into the workforce.  An initial free of charge meeting will discuss what possible steps might be relevant or whether you even need a consultancy.

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