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Capturing your business architecture

Develop solutions to meet your business problems whist ensuring you avoid IT gotchas down the line

Why business architecture?

Architecting IT solutions means that you are aware of what IT infrastructure is behind the capabilities that support your business.  Or, what the impact of changing aspects of that infrastructure would have on the rest of your IT landscape.

An example could be a decision on how to manage complaints, do you buy an app and install it in your data centre, buy a Software-As-A-Service (Saas) solution or develop something in-house?  

Essential for the business case would be an understanding of:

  • How is data modelled across business solutions
  • What dependencies does this create on existing applications?
  • Will there be an impact to staff resourcing?
  • Can our infrastructure support this additional solution?

How to use architecture services

Any change to the IT/Business Architecture would need some consideration of the wider impact before going ahead. 

With a managed understanding of its IT landscape a business can grow and avoid costly mistakes down the road.

With TOGAF-certified practitioners we can produce analyses / reports which develop that understanding of your business.  Get in contact to find out how we can support your efforts. 

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