J &J Enterprise Consulting is a vehicle for me, Anthony Horner to offer IT based consultancy services. Based out of West Yorkshire I saw a gap in the market for SMEs who want to gain control of their IT services but are switched off by companies who are more interested in selling expensive licences and professional services than solving client problems.
I’ve worked as a client-facing consultant for over 20 years across Europe, and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. More often than not companies can get to where they want to be but with a huge cost extracted in terms of professional services. What motivates me is the ability to make a difference to a company, and with technology today, solutions are out there which meet customer requirements but don’t generate the revenues for the consultancies because they can be implemented without huge resources. As a result you won’t hear about this technology from them.
I offer a subscription based consultancy that is based on working around when you have time. It works because I’m not trying to maximise billing hours and you can feel free to get in contact without worrying about the cost. Without the focus on cost, we can develop better requirements and consequently longer-lasting solutions to put your business where it needs to be.
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