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Tell me about Process Improvement

Process Improvement is a technique from Business Process Management (BPM).  BPM is a management practice to think about what the organisation does in terms of processes.  

Any activity that your company does is a business process.  If this is what you do in order to meet your customer’s requirements, then it makes sense to view them as assets of the business that need to be managed.  

Process Improvement examines processes in order to drive consistent outputs, increase agility and improve operations

How can it help me?

Thinking about your business:

  • Do you understand the customer’s experience of your business?
  • Does every customer receive the same journey or do non-standard ones ‘fall through the cracks’? 
  • Could you change your offering quickly without a change in levels of service?
  • Can you predict resourcing levels when thinking about scaling up?
  • Do you worry about key points of failure

BPM goes further than eliminating waste and improving efficiency; it links processes to your goals.  By actively managing your processes, you give yourself a better chance of implementing change that improves your situation.

How is it done?

Delivering process improvement can take many forms, at its base there are the same steps:

  • Identify process(es) which don’t align with company vision
  • Develop business case for improvement
  • Implement planned changes
  • On-going feedback

The steps differ in nature and duration but follow on from each other logically.


How can we help?

We have experience in every area of process improvement whether it’s determining how processes are supporting business capabilities to developing a business case ahead of some significant investment or actually landing some business change into operations.  Come and speak to us to find out how we can help.

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What is Process Improvement and how can it help you

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