Subscription Model

Support, your way.

You need help.  You don’t have the time to accompany everything in your business, so you need to bring in somebody external.  

But every option is so expensive, you end up spending more time trying to get value for money than getting problems solved.    The subscription model gives you the support you want, when you want, at a very low price.  There’s no need to find an additional office desk, laptop or parking space.  We meet for key events/workshops, I’m available for calls when you require, otherwise I develop outputs from my office

Process-based solutions to give you the edge

The objective of any engagement is to move the business to become more flexible to its environment through some IT-based change.  This encompasses a wide range of activities, becoming a process-based organisation isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.  Cliches aside, tactically I can support your technical efforts with the following.

Frame the issues affecting your business using quantifiable metrics.

Solution design to move to company vision considering current estate.

Production of a quantifiable business case to address areas of concern.

Process to equally assess vendors against your requirements not their features.

Production of clear, concise and unambiguous requirements for software development and working practices.

Documentation of testing approach, objectives and methodology.

Impact assessments for staff with the introduction of new technology.

Updates to all policy documentation, procedural guides and process models.

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What is Process Improvement and how can it help you

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