It’s not just big companies that need advice and support.  Aligning people, data, technology and the company vision isn’t easy, I act as a dis-interested partner to help companies become more process-oriented.  

Anthony Horner

Director, J&J Enterprise Consulting

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The 12 month subscription plan allows businesses to align their business processes with the company vision at the fraction of the cost of a specialist consultancy or software house


Most frequent questions and answers

I take strategic IT problems off your plate.  We meet on a regular basis, I will organise workshops, present outputs and I will always be available to talk through questions. Otherwise I will produce deliverables from home with my own equipment (unless company policy dictates otherwise).

There are three types of engagement but there are many activities which are common across them and it depends on what is required by the client at any one time.  The tracks are:
  • Business Process Analysis – An evaluation of current processes and proposal for changing ways of working for efficiency improvements or changes in direction.
  • Business Process Automation – An evaluation of current processes and proposal for changing ways of working for improvement, through the implementation of a business process management system. 
  • Procurement: Clients either want to implement some new application and want help to evaluate products in the market with their needs.  
The activities that I’ll be doing to support this will range from framing a business case to updates to policy.  All collateral produced will be owned by the client.

Because you are not paying for all the dead-time that happens in an engagement. That meeting that can’t happen until next week, the product owner who’s just gone on holiday, a release that can’t go live until a server patch has gone first. None of this is the consultant’s fault but you still have to pay for their time on a traditional time and materials basis.
If you want to have someone available to produce work all the time then you need to find and hire an FTE (my rate is less than half that of a graduate starting salary). I understand that you are also not available to work 100% on one project, so there is a natural rhythm of work where I believe that we can hit our objectives realistically without compromising expectations.

Costs vary per situation and can be determined after an introductory interview but around the £1200 per month. In addition, if required there are costs for software solution development. I can source these teams and external costs can be controlled and minimised.

Yes, all attempts are made to minimize risk. After problem scoping I will present a costed business case for any change. If the benefits or ROI aren’t acceptable then the engagement can stop. If deciding to proceed I can also accompany that change into production and support any business change activities as well.

It doesn’t have to be, if we achieve all that we set out to achieve before the end of the 12 months, then we close the engagement.  12 months is a baseline against which we can measure progress for numerous improvements.

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