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Bringing it all together

Change only works if all aspects of a process are primed.

business change

What is meant by 'business change'?

It’s a woolly sounding term but the crux of the matter is that unless all the elements of a business are ready to function in the new operating model then the return on investment is directly impacted.

The normal elements that are involved with any transformation project are IT (systems / infrastructure) and people.  Not surprisingly, the people element is the much harder to get right.

How to get business change right

From the start of any endeavour, the teams involved have to be brought along.  Change in someone’s working life is stressful and they have to understand why the change is happening at the start of the journey.

Process Improvement is all about improving efficiency but that doesn’t mean job redundancies.  Actually, efficiency means using IT for the mundane routine tasks and humans for the complex bits like maintaining customer relationships.   Done right, process improvement frees up time for your staff and gives them less mundane work.

business change
business change

What's involved?

Business change is all about prompting staff to the new ways of working.  Changes in this area are all about communications.  Process improvement efforts will have detailed what people do in a specific process, the change between that and the new process will be communicated out through a variety of methods:

  • Training
  • Huddles/Newslettters 
  • Guides (standard operating procedures / local working procedures)
  • Policy documentation
  • System manuals

Bringing it all together

Successful change to your business operations includes many phases:

Get in contact with us if you’d like support with any aspect of implementing change.

Why Choose Us?

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We have experience in working with operations teams and understand the pressures they come under.  Assessing the impact of changes a new system brings but also analysing all the small details that can crop up and designing processes around them all so that at all times staff know what they have to do in any situation.    Implementing a new system in a business is not at all like changing tyres on a moving car but it can feel like it sometimes. 


Although everybody might understand the changes to be implemented, at that moment they are only in the minds of the teams involved.  Simply implementing a new system means that people’s roles will have changed and with that their responsibilities.  We have plenty of experience with documentation from producing new procedural documentation for front-line teams to updating policy documents. 



Although we don’t give training, we’ve lots of experience working with LMS’s and training providers by supplying material which will be trained out to staff.  From SOPs to LWPs, we’ve got it covered.