This page was put together to show an example of an automated work-flow.  The objective is to show how a business process captured on a BPMN diagram can be deployed onto a server and thus create a work-flow process for your business.

So I have made available an AWS-hosted session which shows what an deployed business process could look like.  First, you can see the business process that has been captured and then below this there is a session for anyone to log-on and try out a underwriting process as if they were part of the sales team.   Finally at the bottom of the page is the back-end of the server where you can see the administration of processes as well.

The BPMN diagram shows an underwriting process that takes place in the sales department.  The diagram is shown below:-

This BPMN diagram is used to hold the logic of the business process.  A front-end is packaged together with the diagram and deployed onto a BPM server.  The business logic captured in the diagram controls the whole underwriting process.


Below is a window linked to a cloud-hosted server which lets you execute the business process yourself.


Log-in using the username/password of john/john

The BPM server has a back-end which allows control of all aspects of the work flow, from setting up users and groups to examining process instances and reporting.
The user ‘john’ also has some privileges in this area, log-in again to take a look around the back-end.

The underwriting example is freely available on github here.