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Take your processes to the next level

Automating processes means taking the boring mundane parts of a job away so that staff can concentrate on great customer journeys.

What's process automation?​

Process automation is where a documented process is deployed on a process engine and creates an automatic workflow.  Each team member who has tasks assigned will find them in their own task-list. The process engine controls the flow of each process and ensures that each task is controlled  and managed so that no instance ‘falls through the cracks‘.  

The process engine can handle lots of different types of processes and the people assigned the tasks only see their tasks.

Opposite is a screenshot of how this looks like through Camunda‘s BPM product. 

How does it work?

A process is captured using BPMN 2.0 (a modelling standard).  This looks like a normal flow chart but underneath the tasks, swim-lanes, decision points etc are described using XML.  

All this means that a BPM process engine is able to take this description of the business logic and create a workflow for the teams described with the tasks captured in the BPMN diagram.  

What are the benefits?

Process automation for small medium sized business is an opportunity to align the process with the business’s strategy, eliminate waste and take control of a business asset (how you deliver your service or product). 

The engine ensures that every customer gets exactly the same experience, additional controls can highlight when SLAs are broken and the engine can deliver a lot of reporting information about each process.

When changes to the business logic need to be made, then the BPMN diagram is changed and then re-deployed onto the process engine (a relatively quick process).  

Why Choose Us?

Big picture

Automating business processes is a big step, it means change across your business.  Some vendors will implement a technical solution and leave you to deal with the fall out from the changes to ways of working.  Others will sense an opportunity to upsell a lot of services but perhaps with more focus on selling than on your best interests. 

We want your business change efforts to be very successful, we understand the big picture of business change and can support you every step of the way. 


We work for you, we have no affiliations with any vendor.  We will represent you and your interests when dealing with vendors / suppliers. 



We’re flexible to your resourcing needs.  We can see the big picture and support you to get what you need instead of tying you into long term maintenance contracts.

How can I find out more?

Becoming a more process-based organisation is not a short journey.  Jumping into automation without understanding your current process architecture can often result in just making existing ineffective processes more efficient.  To find out more about starting the journey towards automation click on the contact button above.