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If no one's listening, it doesn't get built

Ensure no requirements get left behind

What is requirements elicitation?

It’s the process of capturing requirements for the development of any system.  Developers or systems integrators need to know what you want to happen in an application in order to build it.  

But they can’t read minds, requirements need to be externalised from the customer in a clear concise format that doesn’t lead to misunderstandings down the road.  

Mistakes when specifying a solution get more expensive to fix the longer they take to be discovered.  The cost is exponential when moving from each phase.  So when changing something in test means that the development has to be done again (with all its associated costs), finding something wrong once it’s live means that it needs analysis, development, testing and release in order to fix it.  Often companies just swallow the inefficiencies and forget what the original ROI promised.

How's it done?

The width of the problem area is first defined with the main sponsor as well as key stakeholders who will be impacted.  

Then a deep-dive into the problem area will involve  analysing all relevant documentation before interviews/workshops with stakeholders to develop requirements.  Check this blog post to see an example in more detail).

The outputs of these meetings are the requirements which are then used to track against against development efforts.

How can we help?

We have lots of experience in providing requirements elicitation services for small medium sized businesses.  By dint of being a dis-interested third party, our motivation is not with any vendor, we want a successful outcome with our clients.

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