Process-based solutions to give you the edge

The objective of any engagement is to move the business to become more flexible to its environment through some IT-based change.  This encompasses a wide range of activities, becoming a process-based organisation isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.  Cliches aside, tactically I can support your technical efforts with the following.

A quick look assessment to understand the challenges facing your business and frame the issues using quantifiable metrics.

Solution design work to move towards the  company vision considering current estate.

Production of clear, concise and unambiguous business requirements to address an area of concern.  These include functional/non-functional requirements for app development as well as change requirements for new ways of working.

Formal process for assessing vendors against your requirements not their features.

To support your business when engaging with 3rd party application development teams, a test strategy defines the testing approach, objectives and methodology and sets the framework for accepting development into a live environment.

The introduction of a new application will not deliver on its ROI if staff don’t understand how to use it.  Business change involves understanding what impact new technology present for staff and guidance for using the new application.

Updates to all policy documentation, procedural guides and process models.